CSI Services

  • Cyber Security Awareness and Training

    Our Cyber Security Awareness training programme has been developed to provide employers and employees with a general understanding of the threats to cyber/information security that they face, help them to recognise the threats and vulnerabilities to their company’s information assets, and respond to them appropriately including detailing the countermeasures that can be adopted.

  • Cyber Security Skills Development & Research

    We endeavour to build a robust Cyber Security skills ecosystem through research.

  • Cyber Security Solutions, Strategy & Policy Development

    Our team of skilled cybersecurity professionals design solutions fit for your business and well as develop cybersecurity strategy and policy for your organization.


  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

    At CSI, our qualified expert team evaluates the security posture of your web application by simulating a real-world attack situation. Application Penetration Test will help you identify the areas of potential weaknesses in your web application which could have actually shown the way to your secure environment. A penetration test will help you identify and close the security holes in your environment.

  • Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

    Mobile applications often process sensitive data, which is the key target of many cybercriminals. When working with such data, developers must do their best to ensure its protection. One way to improve the security of a mobile app is to perform mobile application penetration testing.

  • Cyber Security Strategy and Policy Development

    At CSI, we help you develop a sound cyber security strategy and policy to align with both local and international cyber security laws and regulations.